Tucker Carlson Tonight offered an extensive warning on the return of COVID-19 lockdowns based on what we are seeing happen in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai, the largest city in China with 25 million people, is LOCKED down.
  • Padlocks on the outside of buildings.
  • Quarantine camps for COVID positive (including children).
  • Mass slaughter of abandoned pets after they haul owner to quarantine camp.
Naomi Wolf joins the discussion at 13-minute mark, she explains:
  • Based on the lack of response from leaders, it appears this is the future for the West.
  • The lockdowns that began throughout the US in 2020 created a narrative that legitimizes these dramatic responses with plausible deniability of COVID as an excuse.
  • Naomi believes there’s nothing to prevent this from happening again unless we stop it and hold the tyrants accountable.
They reference countless studies demonstrating that lockdowns don’t work, like this latest article in the Daily Mail that shows the strictest COVID states had some of the worst outcomes in the country.
We The Patriots USA is prepared.
We The Patriots USA is already in the process of challenging tyrants, demonstrated by our lawsuits against:
We plan to continue filing lawsuits challenging overreach and discrimination. WTP USA is prepared to hold tyrants accountable while also sending a message to others not to attempt this heinous behavior in the future.
But we need your help!
Funding is needed for us to file our next cases challenging other giants such as:
  • Spectrum Health System/ Child Protective Services for refusing a child in renal failure access to the transplant list because she hasn’t received the required shots (COVID-19, flu, and others).
  • Department of Defense for denying religious exemption to COVID-19 vaccine for 21-year service member Sergeant Jesus Cano forcing his early discharge (not honorably).
The time to send a message is NOW.