Today the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied our application for a stay in the NY healthcare workers lawsuit, meaning that the State of NY’s mandate denying religious exemptions to NY healthcare workers will remain in place while the litigation plays out. While this is certainly disappointing (and devastating for the thousands of workers who have lost their jobs), the silver lining is that the case has not been dismissed, and this is not a final decision on the merits of our case. Therefore our underlying lawsuit against Governor Hochul and the NY Department of Health will continue to be litigated in the United States District Court. It is highly likely that the case will once again find its way to the SCOTUS, and this time after the merits have been tried, and we have had the opportunity to present our full case. We are confident that once all of the evidence has been laid on the table, the SCOTUS will see this for what it is: a grossly unconstitutional abuse of executive power. Read this statement about today’s decision from our attorney, Cameron Atkinson.

This setback highlights our dire need for immediate and substantial funding. With more funds, we could retain more attorneys, and file more lawsuits. We will never win back our freedoms by playing “whack-a-mole,” slowly filing one lawsuit here, and one lawsuit there, while they move at breakneck speed tearing up every last shred of the Constitution. We need a barrage of lawsuits in every state, so that we are never putting all of our eggs in one basket, and giving us the best change to defeat this tyranny once and for all. This is a multi-headed dragon breathing the fire of oppression on the American people, and we intend to slay it in the courts. That is simply not possible if we don’t get a lot more money, and fast.

We sincerely appreciate anything you can contribute to what is, in our opinion, the most important fight of our lifetimes (and quite possibly the most important fight in American history). If we don’t have freedom to practice our religious beliefs or refuse unwanted medical treatment, what is left of this country? You already know the answer.

Please consider a donation today and tell everyone you know to do the same. As the end of the tax year approaches, remember that gifts to our nonprofit organization are tax-deductible in most cases.*

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