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We The Patriots USA, Inc. supports high-stakes federal lawsuits to establish legal precedent that will protect Americans throughout the Nation.

  • Against Governor Hochul and the State of NY, a case to be litigated in federal court for denying healthcare workers their constitutional right to religious exemptions.
  • Against Walmart and Hy-Vee Supermarkets, filed by US Marine Veteran Bill Salier for their Minnesota pharmacies refusing to fill physician-prescribed lifesaving Ivermectin medication for Bill and his wife.
  • Instrumental Amicus Brief to US Supreme Court with unique individual rights arguments regarding the OSHA Mandate case that overturned mandatory vaccinations for companies of 100+ employees.
  • Defending parental rights by securing counsel and fully funding a lawsuit for parents (and children) in Guilford, CT who opposed divisive Critical Race Theory curriculum.
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  • Against Bristol Myers Squibb, a group of employees filed against their biopharmaceutical employer alleging religious discrimination after the company denied employees’ requests for an exemption. Plaintiffs include a physician with a MPH, a biotechnologist, a biologist, and a data integrity professional.
  • Against the PGA Tour, counsel has been secured for former PGA Tour reporter Teryn Gregson, who was fired from the PGA Tour while 22 weeks pregnant after requesting a religious exemption to the Tour’s mask and covid testing policies.
  • Against the State of CT, WTP USA has filed an appeal challenging Connecticut’s repeal of the religious exemption to mandatory immunizations for schoolchildren.
  • Protecting students’ right to religious accommodation through a lawsuit against Creighton University in Nebraska which provided a blanket denial to requests for vaccine exemptions.
  • A few of our wins include: Yale University, Stanford University, Fordham University, and the State of Missouri, amongst others.


Provide resources and information to educate the public on their rights, on the threats against those rights, and on tools to defend their rights. Launched our first podcast, Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, a We The Patriots USA production.


Create a powerful network of activists, physicians, attorneys, scientists, journalists, parents, and other Patriots.


Our goal is to create a powerful network of Patriots to preserve and reclaim our God- given inalienable rights–including but not limited to the rights recorded in the United States Constitution–through education, advocacy, and litigation. We are a nonpartisan organization that does not engage in political activity or lobbying.


Founded on July 4, 2020, We The Patriots USA’s achievements are made possible by thousands of everyday Americans coming together to support a legal end to tyranny through generous philanthropic contributions to WTP USA. Will you join them?


Investigating potential legal interventions to support organ failure patients who are denied their rightful spot on the transplant list because of their vaccine status.

Exploring litigation on behalf of a Missouri man who wants to hold America’s largest pharmacy, CVS, accountable for denying him lifesaving Ivermectin, prescribed by his physician.

WTP USA is interested in supporting high-profile cases that have the potential to set nationwide precedent to protect all of us for generations to come, such as cases related to:

  • Religious freedom
  • Medical freedom
  • Parental rights
  • Free enterprise/capitalism
  • Military service members and Veterans’ rights
  • Food safety
  • Educational freedom
  • First Amendment rights
  • Second Amendment rights
  • Environmental safety