Preserve Childhood

  • Kenny Elementary School assigns 11-year-old assignment to read short story titled “The Gender Reveal”.
  • It is a story about a 12-year-old boy announcing that he’s decided to identify as non-binary. It’s mentioned that the main character came out as gay to his classmates “years ago.”
  • Father of Kenny Elementary student contacts school to request his son be removed from all lessons related to transgender ideology due to religious beliefs.
  • Religious exemption request denied.

We The Patriots USA is prepared to take on the school in court to preserve this child’s innocence. But we need your help! Please consider a donation to WTP USA in support of this case and others like it.

Read about this story in The Daily Wire:

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We The Patriots USA has a fundraising goal of $50,000 to secure counsel for this case. There will be additional court costs in excess of legal fees, and overhead expenses, that are still to be determined. All funds raised will support the legal fees, court costs, and related overhead expenses for this case first. Any additional funds raised beyond these needs will be directed to similar litigation, aimed at fighting tyranny, and defending freedom. If WTP USA does not raise enough funds to proceed with this court case, then all donations will be directed toward our many other efforts, including litigation being filed on behalf of Patriots across the country.

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