Every day now, we are receiving desperate cries for help from people whose employer or school is mandating the COVID shot. Now there is talk that only those who have received the shot will be able to remove their masks and return to normal life. Mandates for travel, entertainment, dining, and more also appear to be looming on the horizon.

People are also being vilified, harassed, or fired from their jobs just for speaking truth, or for saying something contrary to the “acceptable” mainstream narrative. Life in this country has become unbearable for anyone who values freedom of choice, freedom of speech, or any of the other precious freedoms Americans have long held dear.

If we don’t stop this NOW, this will become our new reality. We The Patriots USA, Inc. wants to help patriots fight back against all of this and more. Every dollar of your donation will be paid to the attorneys we have retained to defeat this tyranny by filing litigation on behalf of honest, hardworking Americans who simply want to live their lives as they see fit, without fear of reprisal for doing so. Please consider supporting this most important cause today, and share with everyone you know!

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