Just moments ago, we were contacted by Michael from Southington, Connecticut, whose ex-wife has made arrangements to inject his 9 year-old daughter with the experimental COVID-19 shot THIS MONDAY, March 21, 2022.

We are in a race against time to try to save this little girl. We The Patriots USA, Inc. has agreed to fund Michael’s legal expenses, and has already secured counsel for him, who will be filing an emergency ex parte motion in an attempt to halt this atrocity. Michael writes,

I contacted ‘We the Patriots USA’ in a desperate plea for legal help protecting my elementary-aged daughter from the Covid injection. Her mother wants her to get this experimental injection and I am opposed due to the experimental status and numerous documented adverse reactions. I feel as though my rights as a father are being removed for wanting to ask questions and protect my child. I do not have a problem with authority – I have a problem with abuse of authority. I am sincerely¬†grateful for the response and legal assistance offered by ‘We the Patriots USA’ and their efforts to protect our¬†daughters and sons.

Please keep Michael and his daughter in your prayers and, if you are able to do so, consider a donation to our organization to help us pay for Michael’s legal expenses, and so that we can help so many other parents who find themselves in similar horrific situations. We will keep you updated as to the developments in this case as we receive more information.