• 17-year-old girl from Michigan, adopted from Ukraine as a child, in Renal Failure.
  • Hospital refuses evaluation and access to the transplant list because she hasn’t had the experimental COVID-19 Jab AND the Flu Shot.
  • Doctors report her parents, including mom Jenna Campau, to Child Protective Services because they won’t make her take the shots.
  • Click here to listen to April 12 episode of Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz featuring Brian Festa, Esq., We The Patriots USA Vice President, along with mother Jenna to discuss this case (note: Jenna and Brian join around the 25 minute mark).
  • Click here to watch WTP USA Co-Founder Brian and Mother Jenna on the May 5 episode of The Stew Peters Show.

We The Patriots USA is prepared to take on the hospital and CPS in court to save this child’s life and keep her with her family. But we need your help! Please consider a donation to WTP USA in support of this case and others like it.

UPDATE 5/10/2022:
We are proud to announce that today Alisa Campau, the 17-year old who was adopted last year from Ukraine and who has been denied a kidney transplant for refusing the covid jab, was officially sworn in as a United States citizen! Alisa and her parents did it the right way, going through the proper channels so that Alisa could fulfill her dream of obtaining U.S. citizenship, like countless immigrants before her in the history of this great nation. Please join us in congratulating Alisa on this monumental achievement!

But Alisa still desperately needs your help. With just over a month to go before she turns 18 on July 15th, time is running out for her to be placed on the pediatric transplant list, which would give her high priority for a kidney transplant (the adult wait list is 3-5 years).

To date, we have raised only $19,085.93 toward the $50,000 goal for Alisa’s legal fund. Please consider a donation today and share this with everyone you know so that they can do the same. Donations can be made electronically via credit card, PayPal, or Venmo below, or you may mail a check or money order to the address on the bottom of this page). Let’s help our fellow American citizen Alisa get the medical care she needs so that she can live a long and fruitful life!

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We The Patriots USA has a fundraising goal of $50,000 to secure counsel for this case. There will be additional court costs in excess of legal fees, and overhead expenses, that are still to be determined. All funds raised will support the legal fees, court costs, and related overhead expenses for this case first. Any additional funds raised beyond these needs will be directed to similar litigation, aimed at fighting tyranny, and defending freedom. We have already received several requests for help from other organ transplant patients.

UPDATE 5/13/2022

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A federal lawsuit being funded by We The Patriots USA was filed in the Western District of Michigan against Spectrum Health Hospitals/Helen Devos Children’s Hospital today, on behalf of a 17 year-old Michigan girl who was denied placement on the kidney transplant wait list, after refusing certain medical interventions—including the covid and flu shots— due to the family’s religious beliefs. As we previously reported, Alisa Campau has end-stage renal disease and only minimal functioning in her one remaining kidney. She currently relies on regular dialysis treatments to survive. Alisa’s parents adopted her from Ukraine last summer.

Read the federal complaint here.

Read the official press release here.

A press conference is scheduled for this Monday, May 16th, at 11 a.m. EDT in front of the federal courthouse at 110 Michigan Street NW in Grand Rapids.

Although we have raised less than $16,000 toward our $50,000 goal to fund Alisa’s lawsuit, we decided to forge ahead and get this filed, because there is no time to waste for Alisa. We are hopeful that the generous support of donors like you will help us reach our goal, so that we can continue to help Alisa and the countless others who have reached out to us for help. Please consider a donation to Alisa’s legal fund today, share the donation link with everyone you know, and pray for Alisa!

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