By Brian Festa, Esq.

Vice-President & Co-Founder, We The Patriots USA, Inc.

How the economic collapse was orchestrated to eliminate Patriot resistance


If you’ve stopped to fill your gas tank any time in the last three months, you know something is very wrong in America.  Actually, if you’ve been to the grocery store in the last three months, you know it too.  Or any retail store, really.  Or a restaurant.  Or if you’ve looked at your electric bill anytime recently.  The list goes on and on.  Something very bad is happening in this country, and I can’t believe it is any accident.  It is, most assuredly, by design.

But why?  Why would the global elite, or the leaders of any country, want to create conditions of poverty for the people they govern?  Does it help them win elections?  Not likely.  Is it part of an evil global depopulation agenda because a smaller population is easier to control?  Perhaps.  There are many other possibilities as well, and I don’t think there is just one reason.  However, an explanation that has been almost entirely overlooked from what I can see is this:  to eliminate organizations like We The Patriots USA, that are fighting back against this tyranny in court.  As we’ve seen with the recent Supreme Court victories for life, Second Amendment rights, and religious freedom, court is one place where we CAN still win.  And they know it.

So how does an orchestrated economic collapse stop us from winning in court?  It’s pretty simple actually.  Organizations like ours rely almost exclusively on donations from our supporters to continue our mission.  Lawsuits are expensive, after all.  Most of the lawsuits we have funded range from $50,000 to $100,000 in legal fees (and that’s a bargain, by the way).  With dozens more on the horizon, the tyrants pulling these puppet strings know that we won’t be able to do much of anything without substantial funding.  We won’t be able to sustain the work we have, let alone fund the dozens of other lawsuits we have waiting in the wings.

Let’s face it.  When you can’t even fill your tank with gas or put food on the table for your family, giving to charity is pretty much the last think on your mind.  Even though the very future of our nation (and, dare I say, humanity) hangs in the balance of our mission, you have to take care of your own first.  I’d expect nothing less.

There’s just one problem.  When we stop giving to Patriots fighting back, we are playing right into their hands.  We are, essentially, giving up and letting them win.  It’s the equivalent of waving the white flag of surrender.  Sure, we can keep saying we oppose everything they do and that we are going to fight back, but without funding how are we actually going to fight back?  Speaking out against tyranny is wonderful, and we will always advocate for people exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.  But at a certain point, talk is cheap.  Words without action don’t accomplish much.  And again, the one place we’ve seen our actions actually lead to RESULTS is the courts.

This is not say that the only organization you should give to is We The Patriots USA.  We are, of course, not the only organization filing lawsuits to protect individual liberties and Constitutional rights.  Give to as many as you can afford to support.  But, given our proven track record of putting our money where our mouths are and actually taking action to fight tyranny, we think committing to become a monthly donor to We The Patriots USA is a pretty good investment.  (For what it’s worth, our good friend Steve Deace of The Blaze thinks so too:

So far, the globalist plot appears to be working to a tee.  Most of the people who have cancelled their donations to our organization this year continue to praise our work, but cite financial instability as the primary reason for their decision to stop giving.  And although I don’t have the inside numbers for all freedom-fighting organizations nationwide, I’d say it’s a fairly solid assumption that most are experiencing the same phenomenon.

There’s one obvious question that still hasn’t been answered, though.  Why would the economic downturn only affect Patriot organizations?  Wouldn’t this hurt the organizations trying to destroy liberty just as much?  The simple answer is this:  look around you.  Does it look like their agenda is suffering?  The recent Supreme Court victories aside, it doesn’t appear that they are hurting nearly as much as freedom-loving Patriots.  Vaccine and mask mandates are still alive and well in many workplaces, colleges, and universities.  Legislators at both the federal and state levels have pushed forward legislation to annihilate Second Amendment rights.  Transgender ideology and critical race theory are thriving in public schools from coast to coast.  The reason is obvious.  All of these things are funded by some of the wealthiest people in the world (you know who I’m talking about).  The people promoting these things aren’t relying on ordinary, hard-working Americans to fund their agenda.  That’s the difference.  Freedom defenders like We The Patriots USA are sustained almost entirely by the middle class, a class the global elite are working overtime to eliminate completely.

There is good news, though.  Together, we can stop this.  There is time yet to band together and take a stand for liberty, and return this country to its former greatness.  The only question that remains is, how much is that worth to you?


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