Firefighter Duley is living his dream. He has wanted to be a firefighter as long as he can remember, starting his journey as a volunteer fireman at only 15 years old and continuing to serve as both a volunteer and ultimately a professional fireman for the last 24 years.

Husband. Father of 3, including a newborn.

He submitted his request for a religious exemption to the experimental COVID-19 shot to the City of Washington, D.C. in the Fall of 2021 and just received a response this past week.


With only 7 days to appeal, he reached out to We The Patriots USA. We mobilized quickly and secured counsel who sent in his appeal letter today.

Please join us in standing up for Firefighter Duley, and for the many others experiencing discrimination towards their sincerely held religious beliefs. Donations to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization are tax deductible in most cases.


When you stand up to tyrants, we stand up for you.