As most of you know, We The Patriots USA, Inc.–in conjunction with its sister organization, CT Freedom Alliance, LLC and three parent-plaintiffs–filed a federal lawsuit against the State of Connecticut and several boards of education in April of last year, in an effort to overturn the state’s unconstitutional elimination of the religious exemption to mandatory immunizations for schoolchildren and college students. Unfortunately, the District Court granted the state’s motion to dismiss on January 11, 2022, and we soon after filed our appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Tonight, our brilliant attorneys at Pattis and Smith, LLC filed our appellate brief with the court, outlining in great detail the many reasons why the District Court erred in dismissing our case. Read the entire brief here.

Our message to all of you, and to the parents and students of Connecticut is clear: WE WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHT TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Last year, Connecticut’s leadership boldly declared that the state constitutional right to an education should be foreclosed to those who hold certain religious beliefs in opposition to even one immunization required by law for school attendance. That, my dear patriots, is unquestionably unconstitutional, as it denies these students their right to the free exercise of religion, and the equal protection of the law (among many other things). That is discrimination. That is lawlessness. That is evil.

Please continue to pray for us as we wage this battle, and consider a donation to our organization to aid us in our expansion efforts so that we may file more lawsuits like this one all over the country. God bless you all!

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