We are thankful for all of you who have generously supported our efforts here at We The Patriots USA. However, over the last few months we have had to come to terms with a very harsh realization: we just don’t have enough to get it done. Every day now we are being absolutely inundated the emails, calls, texts, and messages on social media begging us for help. In most cases, people are looking for legal assistance. Sadly, we have had to turn many away due to a lack of resources–namely, a lack of funding.

Even just one lawsuit could rack up legal fees totaling $50,000 – $100,000. Do the math. Without a very large influx of donations, and SOON, we will simply never be able to help people fight back against the tyranny and oppression of radical mandates issued by the government, schools, and employers. We NEED to help these people.

Most of all, we need a PREDICTABLE stream of income. It is impossible to run an organization without it because we can’t budget from one month to the next if we don’t know how much money is coming in from one month to the next. That is why we are asking all of you to “Commit to Ten.” What does this mean? We are asking each of you to set up a monthly donation of just $10 per month, and then share this post (or even just the donation link) to 10 other individuals who share our vision. We are mindful of the fact that many of you have fallen on hard times, and that for many these last 16 months have been the most difficult of your lives. But the fact is that if we don’t stand up now and fight back with everything we’ve got, we may lose our rights–and our country–forever.

Can you commit to ten today?

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