Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters and the listeners on The Steve Deace Show, we are proud to announce that we have fully funded a lawsuit on behalf of Bill Salier, a retired Marine who was refused ivermectin at a Walmart pharmacy in Minnesota when he fell seriously ill with the covid bioweapon. We fully support Bill in his fight against the covid fascists, and that’s why We The Patriots USA committed $25,000 to Bill’s lawsuit even before we launched yesterday’s fundraising campaign. After all, Bill served his country honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps. It’s time we fought for him!

Click here to listen to Bill tell his story on The Steve Deace Show yesterday.

Please tell everyone you know to subscribe to our email list at, follow us on Telegram, and consider a monthly donation to our organization. Although Bill’s lawsuit is fully funded, we have many other pending legal actions we would love to support, but cannot. From a single mother of four about to lose her job because of the covid shot mandate, to the disabled veteran who is facing an ouster from his (fully remote) job at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to the father of eight (with a ninth on the way) who is being forced to take the jab with only one semester of nursing school left, we are being inundated with cries for help every day. Sadly, we are turning more people away than helping people at this point, due to a lack of funding. We have accomplished amazing things with very little. Imagine what we could accomplish with some serious financial backing!