On October 31, 2021, We The Patriots USA, Inc. filed an application for emergency relief with the United States Supreme Court, after the Second Circuit refused to stop New York state from imposing its unconstitutional regulation on healthcare workers, which denies them the right to the free exercise of religion in the workplace. You can download a copy of the filed appeal here. The appeal is now pending before Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and we have asked that she refer it to the full court for a decision.

We will continue to be strong defenders of the First Amendment and the rest of the Constitution, regardless of any real or perceived public health crisis. The Constitution is the Constitution, and remains the “supreme Law of the Land” (see U.S. Constitution, Art. VI, cl. 2). Last we checked, supreme still means…

supreme adjective

su·​preme | \ sə-ˈprēm , sü- \

: highest in rank or authority
the supreme commander
: highest in degree or quality
supreme endurance in war and in labour
— R. W. Emerson
the supreme sacrifice

(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

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