Last month the Canadian Government exercised an overreach of power by freezing the bank accounts of their own citizens who attended a peaceful protest, the Canadian trucker convoy.

According to a Canadian Member of Parliament, they even froze the bank account of a single mother who donated $50 but did not actually attend the protest in person or commit any additional crime.

Could this happen in the United States?

There has already been questionable behavior:

Is it possible that people may be labeled as “high risk” because of their internet usage or attendance at peaceful protests?

Would they seize or freeze assets in an attempt to quiet people who speak out for freedom?

Will they come for Patriots?

There is no knowing for sure. But if they do….

We The Patriots USA is prepared to be
leaders in the defense of your right to
wealth and asset protection.

WTP USA will step up onto the battlefields
where others fear to tread.